Sustainable Wood Building Culture
in the Alpine Region

Wood has been a traditional construction material in the Alpine region for centuries, but its various advantages have never been more important than now. As a sustainable and locally available resource, the use of wood is a climate-friendly alternative which also supports the local economy, helps cut costs and time in construction, features excellent energy efficiency, makes for an enjoyable and comfortable living environment, and fosters a sense of regional identity.

As an Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund (ARPAF) project, Triple Wood aims to promote a sustainable wood building culture in the EUSALP Region that brings social, ecological, and economical benefits to its communities.

TRIPLE WOOD consists of:
  • an exhibition of best practice examples from seven countries that showcases smart uses of timber as a construction material, be it long-spanning bridges, spectacular 24-storey highrises, affordable housing buildings or innovative refurbishment methods,
  • seminars on wood construction and energy efficiency fit for interested parties with no previous wood building experience as well as experienced actors intending to deepen their understanding and to build a regional network,
  • a road show featuring the exhibition, seminars, and public events at several locations in all partner countries,
  • an internet site presenting the exhibition projects and the schedule of the road show as well as providing further information on related topics.
Budget: 388,000 Euro (90% co-funding by the EU)
Dates: March 2018 to February 2020



You can download / order the catalogue here:

Triple Wood (German/Baden-Württemberg)
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Triple Wood (German/South-Tyrol)

Triple Wood (French)

Triple Wood (Italian)

Triple Wood (Slovenian)