Refurbishment and Restoration

Alpine Barn Apartment

Bohinj, Slovenia

Living area 1 | Living area
A historical barn was not only saved from demolition by its owners, but also preserved and attractively filled with new life.
Design: Traditional farmhouses and barns used to symbolize the Carniolan and Slovenian wood building tradition and peasant culture, but most fell into a state of dilapidation in recent times and were replaced with unspecific new buildings. A private investor has given one of these barns a new future by reworking its interior extensively. It now houses an apartment with an open space for living, dining, and sleeping, while secondary rooms such as bathrooms, the sauna, and the kitchens were realized through a room-in-room solution. A guest bedroom was realized on the gallery level. The existing ramp now forms the new entrance. A previous storage area now serves as a porch with a grandiose view of the Alps.

Wood: The outer shell of the barn was preserved almost in its original state. Some new openings allow for a pleasant natural exposure. The upper level of the barn, which used to be the hay storage, received a new inner shell with deep-brushed spruce from local forests. The room-in-room solution and the gallery as well as the furniture all consists of wood. The historical roof tiles were preserved.
Historical barn with new interior 2 | Historical barn with new interior
Gallery 3 | Gallery
Elevated sleeping area 4 | Elevated sleeping area
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2015
Investor |  private
Architecture |  OFIS arhitekti d.o.o., Ljubljana (SI)
Structural Engineering |  Projecta d.o.o., Ljubljana (SI)
Construction Time |  10 months
Number of floors |  2 + basement
Plot size |  230 m²
Gross floor area |  120 m²

Technical aspects
Concept |  Original building with new interior finishing with deep-brushed spruce
Woodworking |  Permiz d.o.o., Grosuplje (SI)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Upper Carniola (SI)
Energy Systems |  Air-to-water heat pump

Regional Wood Energy Efficiency

Site Plan Site Plan Side View (East) Side View (East) Longitudinal Section Longitudinal Section Cross Section Cross Section