Multistorey Buildings

Building Cooperative Habrico

Briançon, France

View from Southwest 1 | View from Southwest
This project was planned by and for the community of its future inhabitants, who also preserved an existing building for shared use.
Design: A glazed space connects a three-storey building segment, featuring a mezzanine and a metal-tiled saddle roof, with another three-storey building segment with a green rooftop terrace. The glass entrance is accessible from the parking lot on the northern end as well as the garden on the southern end of the plot. As a bioclimatic element, the glass building pre-warms the outside air and serves as a community space. The south-facing balconies are lovely places to spend time on. Thanks to their integrated insulation, the wood-concrete-composite floors offer good sound protection.

Wood/Value Chain: 153 m³ of certified, regional Bois des Alpes™ wood (douglas fir, spruce) were used and processed by local companies, contributing to the qualification and employment in the region.

Energy: Despite the mountainous altitude of 1200 meters, the building is thermically very efficient. The manually adjustable ventilation system can route outside air into the apartments, optionally pre-heated by the glass building. Solar thermal water heaters provide the building with warm water. The hosue technology equipment is shared among the inhabitants. The large glass areas serve as cost-free heating, the balconies as shading. Heat-storing walls help absorbing and emanating heat.
View from Southeast 2 | View from Southeast
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Basic information
Year of Completion |  2016
Investor |  Groupe Habrico (Building cooperative with 11 members)
Architecture |  SCOP SOLEA Voutier & Associés Architectes, Gap (FR)
Structural Engineering |  BET Patrick Millet, Gap (FR)
Construction Time |  16 months
Number of floors |  3
Plot size |  1 884 m²
Gross floor area |  564 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  1 916 €/m²
Awards |  Prix Départemental de la Construction Durable 2017, catégorie Habitat Collectif (First Prize); Prix national de la construction Bois 2017 (Finalist)
Photography |  Pictures 1-5: Bois des Alpes, Chambéry (FR)

Technical aspects
Concept |  Building timber (glued laminated timber, Douglas fir); timber frame construction and CLT supports for walls (Douglas fir, spruce); wood-concrete-composite floors; traditional solid timber roof (Douglas fir)
Woodworking |  Chalets Bayrou, Puy-Saint-André (FR)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  PEFC, Bois des Alpes™ (FR)
Traceability of Timber |  Yes, guaranteed through the use of certified Bois des Alpes™ wood
Forestry Value Chain |  All companies named (see internet database)
Energy Efficiency Standard |  RT 2012 (Thermal Regulation 2012: 50 kWh/m²a)
Energy Systems |  Single wood pellet heating; solar thermal water heater; flux ventilation with variable humidity; heat-storing walls
Energy Consumption  |  108,3 kWhEp/m² (Cep RT 2012; primary energy demand); 54,8 kWhEf/m² (heating energy demand)
U-Value Wall | Roof | Floor | Windows (W/(m²K)) |  0,15 | 0,095; 0,10 (green roof) | 0,21 | –

Circular Economy Energy Efficiency

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