Refurbishment and Restoration

Chalet Brendlehaus

Schellenberg, Liechtenstein

Ansicht Süd 1 | Ansicht Süd
By adding new components in a targeted way, the chalet and barn could be preserved and made usable for today's needs.
Design: The 200-year-old listed Brendlehaus chalet with barn has been preserved with moderate intervention. The farmhouse part of the house, a locally typical beamed structure on a solid brick basement, and the barn, a plank-roofed standing structure, have been converted into residential units. The farmhouse has been given wood-fibre insulation on the inside and a new entrance, including a room with plumbing, instead of the former front porch. The structure of the farmhouse has remained unchanged. A new building has replaced the former cowshed next to the barn. The renovation gave the sparingly lit barn space everything it lacked to make it usable as a housing unit: light, views, a kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The structure of the central space in the barn was thus able to be preserved. 

Wood: The choice of materials followed the existing situation; as far as possible, existing materials and elements were retained. The existing box windows were reinforced for modern needs with new seals. The roof was re-covered with the existing brick tiles, before adding an insulation layer to the supporting beams. The barn has been insulated between the beams; the exterior is clad in rough sawn pine boards and the interior in three layers of wood panels.
Ansicht Nord 2 | Ansicht Nord
Ehemalige Scheune 3 | Ehemalige Scheune
Obergeschoss Bauernhaus 4 | Obergeschoss Bauernhaus
Im Anbau 5 | Im Anbau
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2006
Investor |  Municipality Schellenberg (LI)
Architecture |  Uli Mayer, Urs Hüssy Architekten ETH/SIA, Triesen (LI)
Structural Engineering |  XYLO AG, Schaan (LI)
Number of floors |  4
Plot size |  1 237 m²
Gross floor area |  564 m² (SIA 416 base area)
Construction Costs (netto) |  2 543 EUR/m² GF (BKP2)
Awards |  Best-Architects 11 (2010) silver award; nomination "Good building in Liechtenstein".

Technical aspects
Concept |  Farmhouse: visible solid beam construction; Barn: thermal insulation for existing standing timber structure
Woodworking |  XYLO AG, Schaan (LI) / Frommelt Zimmerei und Ing. Holzbau AG, Schaan (LI)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Home forest (CH)
Traceability of Timber |  Yes
Forestry Value Chain |  All participating craft companies come from Liechtenstein; one company from Vorarlberg (AT)
Energy Efficiency Standard |  Liechtenstein building legislation requirements for renovation
Energy Systems |  New central heating with gas water heating, additional steel stove in the barn and restored pottery stove in the farmhouse
Energy Consumption  |  45.7 kWh/m²a (heating energy consumption)

Regional Wood Circular Economy 100% Wood