Commercial Use

Forestry workshop

Schaan, Liechtenstein

Ansicht Nord 1 | Ansicht Nord
The functional new building will allow the nursery to continue to operate with simple means - walls made of stacked wooden planks made from domestic pine.
Design: The Regional Forestry Company needed a new building to store machinery and vehicles. The nursery is located about 2 kilometres north of the municipal centre in the middle of the Schaaner Riet nature area. The basic idea was to create a functional new building that would simplify the company's operations (breeding and care of protected forest and protected tree species). The new building is attached to two existing buildings, together forming a courtyard outdoor space, giving the company a new centre. 

Wood: The wall construction (internal and external walls) consists of self-supporting walls made of stacked boards of local pine wood, which do not require other elements such as columns. No other structural measures were necessary, with the exception of the lathing of the walls with slats. The facade boards, 35-50 cm thick, create a lively, structured and, to some extent, rustic appearance. The result is an image of simplicity and a reduced appearance, which is always changing depending on the weather and the position of the sun.
Ansicht Süd 2 | Ansicht Süd
Fassade aus gestapelten Brettern 3 | Fassade aus gestapelten Brettern
Innen 4 | Innen
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2008
Investor |  Principality of Liechtenstein
Architecture |  Cavegn Architekten, Schaan (LI)
Structural Engineering |  XYLO AG, Schaan (LI)
Construction Time |  7 months
Number of floors |  1
Plot size |  3 404 m²
Gross floor area |  306 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  1 714 EUR/m²
Awards |  Best architect 13, Gutes Bauen Ostschweiz, Liechtensteiner Holz-Oskar 2010

Technical aspects
Concept |  Walls of stacked untreated spruce planks
Woodworking |  Frommelt AG, Schaan (LI)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Domestic wood (Liechtenstein)
Forestry Value Chain |  Yes, companies from Liechtenstein
Energy Efficiency Standard |  unheated

Regional Wood Circular Economy Cost Saving 100% Wood