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HoHo Wien

Vienna, Austria

Design rendering of the entire complex 1 | Design rendering of the entire complex
The project aims to establish wood as a construction material in the urban space and prove its efficient usability in the construction of high-rises.
Design: Currently in construction in aspern Die Seestadt Wiens, the HoHo Wien is not just a new commercial property but a strong statement for innovation and sustainability. With a height of 84 meters and a total of 24 above-ground floors, the building will be the highest timber high-rise worldwide on the day of its opening. It is located directly at the waterfront and next to the metro station Seestadt. The HoHo Wien accommodates a host of different uses, from hotel, restaurant, fitness/beauty/wellness facilities to offices and conference rooms as well as 24 apartments. These spaces are modeled after Chinese and Buddhist theories of elements (wood, fire, soil, metal, water, air, emptiness). The HoHo Wien opens in spring of 2019.

Wood: The „simple“ structural system consists of four pre-fabricated, serial constructive elements (studs, joists, ceiling and facade elements). Its special feature is the drastically lowered usage of steel fasteners and a high degree of prefabrication, made possible by employment of newly developed timber-concrete junctions. The walls and beams are 100% made of Austrian spruce wood. The ceiling is realized as a timber concrete composite ceiling. From the third floor up, the building features fiber cement boards completely made of natural resources for its curtain wall facade.
Construction 2 | Construction
Design rendering of the business area 3 | Design rendering of the business area
Assembling the facade 4 | Assembling the facade
5 |
6 |
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2019
Investor |  Günter Kerbler / cetus Baudevelopment GmbH, Bmstr. Ing. Caroline Palfy, Vienna (AT)
Architecture |  Rüdiger Lainer + Partner ZT GmbH, Vienna (AT)
Structural Engineering |  Woschitz Group, Vienna (AT)
Construction Time |  30 months
Number of floors |  24
Plot size |  3 920 m²
Gross floor area |  25 500 m² usable floor space, 19 500 m² floor space for rent
Construction Costs (netto) |  (under construction)
Photography |  Picture 1: cetus Baudevelopment GmbH and Rüdiger Lainer + Partner ZT GmbH, Vienna (AT); Picture 2: cetus Baudevelopment GmbH, Wien (AT); Picture 3: cetus Baudevelopment GmbH and cy architecture, Vienna (AT); Picture 4: cetus Baudevelopment GmbH / Thomas Lerch, Vienna (AT)

Technical aspects
Concept |  Composite of solid cross-laminated timber elements and a reinforced concrete core
Woodworking |  Wood concrete composite ceilings: MMK, Wöllersdorf (AT); timber beams and CLT walls: HASSLACHER Holding GmbH / Norica Timber, Sachsenburg (AT)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  PEFC as well as TQB certification (meeting the criteria of the Austrian Sustainable Building Council ÖGNB) and LEED
Energy Systems |  Heating/cooling: 4 phase system (simultaneous heating and cooling); two different ventilation systems (air recirculation, mechanical ventilation: all windows can be opened)

Regional Wood

Site Plan Site Plan Floor Plan „Business“ (Floors 6-8) Floor Plan „Business“ (Floors 6-8)