Office Buildings

Laur-Park Business House

Brugg, Switzerland

Straßenansicht 1 | Straßenansicht
The new building, with offices and apartments, integrates harmoniously into the local centre and stands confidently alongside traditional Swiss timber buildings.
Design: The new construction of the office building, with four apartments on one floor, was built on the site of a former estate where a wooden barn stood decades ago. The building is an extension to the main headquarters of the Swiss Farmers' Association. The well managed concentration of buildings around the main headquarters, together with the buildings of historical interest and the museum, forms an interesting combination. Old and new combine to form a mosaic of houses, garden and courtyard spaces. The three-storey building, facing south, blends beautifully into its surroundings when extended. Structure and materiality are beautifully linked to the client and thus also to the Swiss tradition of timber construction.

Wood: The building is of timber frame construction with a concrete base, the walls are made up of timber columns with prefabricated parts, and the parapets are insulated with mineral wool. White fir wood panelling was used for the façade. The wood-concrete composite ceilings consist of a ribbed timber structure with glued laminated timber elements and a concrete superstructure.

Energy: The building can be manually ventilated. However, due to its good insulation, it reaches the Swiss Minergie standard, but is not submitted for certification.
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Basic information
Year of Completion |  2012
Investor |  Konzorcij Laur-Park Brugg (Schweizerischer Bauernverband, Stiftung HSB, Pensionskassenstiftung der schweizerischen Landwirtschaft, Krankenkasse Agrisano) (CH)
Architecture |  pool Architekten, Zürich (CH)
Structural Engineering |  MWV Bauingenieure AG, Baden (CH); Les: Makiol Wiederkehr AG, Beinwil am See (CH)
Construction Time |  20 months
Number of floors |  3
Plot size |  1 940 m²
Gross floor area |  1 983 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  2 018 EUR/m² BGF (BKP 2)
Awards |  best architects 15; Prix Lignum 2015, Anerkennung Region Nord; Lignum, Zertifikat Schweizer Holz 2011

Technical aspects
Concept |  Timber frame construction with concrete base
Woodworking |  Schäfer Holzbautechnik AG, Dottikon (CH)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  83% (217 m³) of the timber for the structure comes from Switzerland (CH) and is certified by Lignum as "Herkunftszeichen Schweizer Holz".
Traceability of Timber |  Yes (companies listed)
Forestry Value Chain |  Only craftsmen from Bruges or the surrounding area were involved in the construction. The woodchip heating is also supplied from the environment
Energy Efficiency Standard |  Minergie Standard (not certified)
Energy Systems |  Office: window ventilation, fan convectors in the parapet (heating/cooling), wood chip heating
Energy Consumption  |  40 kWh/m²a energy number (gem. SIA 380/1)

Regional Wood Cost Saving