Special Projects

Modelling workshop

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Die fertige Modellbauwerkstatt 1 | Die fertige Modellbauwerkstatt
Exceptional load-bearing structure made of bent timber planks: designed and built by students and supported by local carpenters.
Design: During the workshop, students spent three days experimenting with wooden planks and beams. Structural concepts were made in the form of models and further developed in the experimental process. Out of the eight prototypes, four were finally built in their original size. For the most innovative and best-performing load-bearing structure among these prototypes, the building elements were manufactured and erected within one week in cooperation with a joinery company. Experiencing traditional joinery crafts enhances students' awareness of cultural identity and encourages them to use local resources.

Wood: The supporting structure consists of curved planks which have been undulatingly offset by half their width at the bottom. In order to allow the bending, the planks had to be flattened to the appropriate thickness depending on their radius. The optimisation of each load-bearing element required a large number of experiments and fracture tests. The erection was done manually and with the help of support trestles. A layer of planks stabilises the structure and forms the basis for the insulation, ventilation and roofing made of larch shingles.
Der Bau der Fassade 2 | Der Bau der Fassade
Innenausbau 3 | Innenausbau
Bei Nacht 4 | Bei Nacht
In der Schreinerwerkstatt 5 | In der Schreinerwerkstatt
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2017
Investor |  University Liechtenstein (LI)
Architecture |  Urs Meister, Carmen Rist-Stadelmann, Christoph Frommelt and students from University in Liechtenstein (LI)
Structural Engineering |  Christoph Frommelt (LI)
Construction Time |  8 months
Number of floors |  1
Plot size |  72 m²
Gross floor area |  72 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  31 EUR/m² gross area

Technical aspects
Concept |  Structure made of insulated wooden slats
Woodworking |  In cooperation with Frommelt Zimmerei und Ing. Holzbau AG, Schaan (LI)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Local spruce wood (LI), larch shingles from Allgäu (DE)
Forestry Value Chain |  Design and implementation with students and local carpenters and other craftspeople
Energy Systems |  Wood pellet stove
U-Value Wall | Roof | Floor | Windows (W/(m²K)) |  0,17

Regional Wood Circular Economy Cost Saving 100% Wood