Civil Engineering Works

Old Bridge over the Ren River

Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Sevelen (Switzerland)

Die Alte Rheinbrücke 1 | Die Alte Rheinbrücke
The monument-protected Old Bridge over the Ren River has been comprehensively renovated as the last of its kind and continues to connect the countries and the people.
History: In 1871 the first bridge over the Ren River was built. The structure was 30 years later due to poor maintenance in such a decaying state that the construction of the new bridge was cheaper than the renovation of the old one. In 1901, a new bridge was built on the pillars of the old bridge and with its structural wood. Until 1975, this bridge was the only connection between the municipalities of Vaduz and Sevelen (6 tonnes capacity), and today it is intended only for pedestrians and cyclists. As the last wooden bridge between Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and at the same time the last wooden bridge above Lake Boden, it falls under the monument-protection of both countries.

Renovation:   As part of the renovation in 2008-2010, the foundations were replaced by a new concrete base and wooden yoke and rebuilt damaged structural wood. Wood panelling, a roof, lighting, a fire extinguisher and an automatic water extinguishing device have been restored. The implementation of the remediation was a political challenge which required the participation of a number of offices and political bodies. Vaduz, which had the bigger part of expenses, dealt the jobs under the Liechtenstein laws. By contrast, the construction site was subject to (largely the same) regulations of both countries.
Rhein bei Niedrigwasser 2 | Rhein bei Niedrigwasser
Holztragwerk von innen 3 | Holztragwerk von innen
Ausbau der schadhaften Hölzer 4 | Ausbau der schadhaften Hölzer
Neueindeckung mit Lärchenschindeln 5 | Neueindeckung mit Lärchenschindeln
Die Brücke 1927 6 | Die Brücke 1927
Basic information
Year of Completion |  1871/1901/2010
Investor |  Municipality of Vaduz (LI) 2/3, Municipality of Sevelen (CH) 1/3
Architecture |  Tragweite AG - vogt ingenieure, Vaduz (LI)
Structural Engineering |  Tragweite AG - vogt ingenieure, Vaduz (LI)
Construction Time |  14 months (renovation 2008-2010)
Construction Costs (netto) |  28,000 francs (1871), 35,545 francs (1901), 3.28 million EUR (2010)
Awards |  „Roter Nagel" association of Südkultur (2013)

Technical aspects
Concept |  Wood rod (bottom and upper edge connected to vertical iron pull poles), running surface in solid oak, wooden roof shingles made of larch
Woodworking |  2011: ARGE Frommelt / Konrad Schaan (Frommelt Zimmerei und Ing. Holzbau AG, Schaan / Schreinerei Konrad Jürgen, Vaduz (LI))
Forestry Value Chain |  Constructions were made by local companies (LI/CH)
Energy Systems |  Fire extinguishing device and automatic water extinguishing device

Circular Economy 100% Wood