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Scandinavian House

Visoko, Slovenia

West-facing entrance 1 | West-facing entrance
A wooden family home that forms the landscape as much as it is formed by it.
Design: What seems like a regular family home in the Scandinavian style at first, turns out to be a building that has cleverly grown into its surroundings. The building, featuring a split-level system, is partially covered by an artificially designed but greened hill, allowing for ground level access to its upper level. The lower level houses the bathroom and bedrooms, while the large windows on the upper floor open up for a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain landscape. A reading corner was realized on a wooden platform above the living room area.

Wood: Large cross-laminated timber panels form the loadbearing building envelope, clasped by two steel frames for the purpose of seismic stability. This way, the main living area with its several sub-levels could be realized as an open space, transverse walls were not necessary. The roof construction made of solid cross-laminated timber panels and the gallery are suspended from the frame.

Energy: The building was originally planned and permitted following the Slovenian standards for energy efficiency which does not give energy values in concrete terms. During the construction time, the architects improved the material and house technique in a way that brought the building close to Passive House standard.
Green terrace 2 | Green terrace
Gallery 3 | Gallery
Garden View 4 | Garden View
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2012
Investor |  Private
Architecture |  Mojca Gregorski, Ljubljana (SI) and Miha Kajzelj, Ljubljana (SI)
Structural Engineering |  Igor Štupnik, Grosuplje (SI)
Construction Time |  36 months
Number of floors |  2
Plot size |  1 100 m²
Gross floor area |  300 m²
Awards |  Golden Pencil of the Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Room Planning 2015 (Winner)

Technical aspects
Concept |  Timber panels made of cross-laminated timber
Woodworking |  CBD d.o.o., Celje (SI)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  FSC-certified wood
Traceability of Timber |  Yes (by timber dealer and architect)
Forestry Value Chain |  Logging and processing of the wood in Austria and Slovenia
Energy Efficiency Standard |  Low-energy building
Energy Systems |  Heat pumps, floor and wall heating
Energy Consumption  |  12 kWh/m²a (heating energy demand)
U-Value Wall | Roof | Floor | Windows (W/(m²K)) |  0.9-0.11 | 0.09 | 0.10 | 0.9-1.0

Cost Saving

Floor Plan (Ground Floor) Floor Plan (Ground Floor) Floor Plan (First Floor) Floor Plan (First Floor) Side View Side View Concept Concept