Commercial Use

Storage hall

Payerne, Switzerland

Lagerhalle mit Anlieferbereich 1 | Lagerhalle mit Anlieferbereich
The construction of the warehouse was both cost-effective and architecturally precise, using multiply mirrored timber elements
Design: Eternit from Payerne wanted to complement its premises with a warehouse that was as economical as possible. Roof beams with an axial distance of 7.5 metres cover the hall, which measures 44.5 metres in width. The building is 91 metres long. The hall segments have different roof pitches and coincide laterally and in height. Every other segment is mirrored across the main axis, creating a characteristic roof structure that touches the roof of the adjacent Eternit production hall. The façade flows directly into the roof surface. The roof and façade surfaces are made of corrugated Eternit panels. The front sides are covered with translucent corrugated polycarbonate panels.

Wood: The construction consciously used native wood, which allows for a sensual and sophisticated construction. The regional timber elements were mass-produced in artisanal companies in the immediate vicinity.

Energy: The building is not insulated, but can be retrofitted with insulation in the timber structure if necessary.
Außenansicht 2 | Außenansicht
Belichtungsschlitze 3 | Belichtungsschlitze
Bei Nacht 4 | Bei Nacht
Innenansicht 5 | Innenansicht
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Basic information
Year of Completion |  2013
Investor |  Eternit (Suisse) SA, Payerne (CH)
Architecture |  Cadosch & Zimmermann Architekten ETH/SIA, Stefan Cadosch, Zürich (CH)
Structural Engineering |  Küng et Associés SA, Ingénieurs civils EPFL/SIA, Payerne (CH); Wood: Ivo Diethelm GmbH, Gommiswald (CH)
Construction Time |  12 months
Number of floors |  1
Plot size |  9 300 m²
Gross floor area |  4 049,5 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  767 EUR/m² gross area

Technical aspects
Concept |  Timber frame structure, load-bearing roof beams
Woodworking |  Charpentes Vial SA, Le Mouret (CH)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Fir/Smillet from local sawmills (timber mills in the canton of Freiburg (CH), maximum 30 km away)
Traceability of Timber |  Yes
Forestry Value Chain |  All work was carried out by local craftsmen, transport routes approx. 10 km
Energy Efficiency Standard |  Storage hall without insulation, but possible to fill with fillers

Regional Wood Cost Saving 100% Wood