Multistorey Buildings

Suurstoffi area, plot 3

Risch Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Häuser 5-9 (Müller Sigrist Architekten) 1 | Häuser 5-9 (Müller Sigrist Architekten)
With 156 apartments, the "Suurstoffi" housing complex is the largest wooden housing estate in central Switzerland.
Design: The nine buildings on the site of the former oxygen factory look like pavilions scattered around the garden. A series of residential units have been grouped together in different buildings (building kit). This creates maximum variety at no extra cost, because the same building components are reused several times. The permeable balconies as a "green room" significantly increase the quality of living.

Wood: Houses 1-4 (Masswerk Architekten) are built of pure wood. The exterior is made of light-coloured, folded sheet metal and the balconies are made of wood. Houses 5-9 (Müller Sigrist Architekten) have a concrete entrance and load-bearing interior walls of timber. The facades are designed as ventilated timber cladding covered with tapered vertical transoms. Their silver-grey colour creates a pleasant contrast to the green surroundings.

Energy: The use of solar energy, a dynamic underground storage tank and an energy network (a low-temperature network that uses waste heat) are the basis for achieving the 'Zero-Zero' target. The entire site of approximately 165 000 m² relies on CO2-neutrality. The aim is to achieve integrated self-sufficiency in primary energy for heating and water purification.
Häuser 1-4 (Masswerk Architeken) 2 | Häuser 1-4 (Masswerk Architeken)
Grüner Zwischenbereich (Häuser 5-9) 3 | Grüner Zwischenbereich (Häuser 5-9)
Balkon (Häuser 5-9) 4 | Balkon (Häuser 5-9)
Koch-/Wohnbereich (Häuser 1-4) 5 | Koch-/Wohnbereich (Häuser 1-4)
Basic information
Year of Completion |  2015
Investor |  Zug Estates AG, Zug (CH)
Architecture |  GP Suurstoffi Baufeld 3 GmbH (Müller Sigrist Architekten, Masswerk Architekten, Archobau)
Structural Engineering |  Funk + Partner AG, Urdorf (CH); lesena gradnja: Hiše 1-4: Pirmin Jung AG, Rain (CH), Hiše 5-9: Merz Kley Partner AG, Altenrhein (CH)
Construction Time |  2013-2015
Number of floors |  4 + underground garage
Plot size |  18 656 m²
Gross floor area |  27 569 m² floor area (including parks)
Construction Costs (netto) |  €34.8 million (plot 3), €1 264/m² floor area including parks

Technical aspects
Concept |  Houses 1-4: pure timber construction (one- or two-layer skeleton walls with insulating voids between the load-bearing columns), ceilings as timber-concrete composite; Houses 5-9: timber construction with reinforced concrete base, load-bearing internal walls of cross-laminated large-format timber panels, ceilings as cross-laminated timber elements with crushed stone backfill
Woodworking |  Houses 1-4: Hecht Holzbau AG, Sursee Tschopp Holzbau AG, Hochdorf Bisang Holzbau AG (all: CH); Houses 5-9: Zaugg AG (CH), Fussenegger Holzbau GmbH (AT
Forestry Value Chain |  Participating companies come from the surrounding area (CH/AT)
Energy Efficiency Standard |  Zero Zero
Energy Systems |  Solar thermal (PVT) and solar energy (PV) installations; heat exchanger; energy network; underground storage tank (connected to the whole site)

Cost Saving Energy Efficiency 100% Wood