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Théâtre Vidy Pavilion

Lausanne, Switzerland

Exterior View 1 | Exterior View
The pavilion is made up of a structural system realized here for the first time: timber panels joined through innovative wood-wood connections.
Design: The Théâtre Vidy, consisting of three buildings, is situated on a spectacular site on the banks of Lake Geneva. The temporary tent structure that was previously used was replaced with a thermally insulated pavilion with 250 seats.

Wood: The pavilion’s structural system consists of a double-layered folded timber plates and does not use any screws, nails, or adhesives for connections. With a plate thickness of only 45 millimetres, the structure achieves a span of up to 20 meters without any additional supports. The cross laminated timber plates are connected through newly developed double tenon joints, inspired by traditional wood joinery. They allow for fast, precise, and easy assembly. The pavilion can also just as easily be disassembled. What makes these wood-wood connections special is that they are integrated into the panels. Thus, the construction requires highly customized prefabrication – the connections and panels are cut in a single operation using 5-axis CNC technology. Once assembled, the timber panels form the entirety of the structural system, minimizing the need for metal connections. The double-layered folded timber plate structure achieves its stability through the stiffness of its connections. This is the first-time innovative wood-wood connections were used for a building of this size.
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Basic information
Year of Completion |  2017
Investor |  Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Lausanne (CH)
Architecture |  Prof. Yves Weinand, Laboratory for Timber Construction IBOIS (CH); Construction site assistance: Atelier Cube (CH)
Structural Engineering |  Bureau d'étude Weinand, Liège (BE)
Construction Time |  12 months
Number of floors |  1
Gross floor area |  540 m²
Construction Costs (netto) |  2,45 m. € (including stage and technical equipment)
Awards |  Prix Lignum 2018 (Area West – Jury Mention)

Technical aspects
Concept |  Cross-laminated timber panels made of beech, innovative wood-wood connections
Woodworking |  Blumer-Lehmann AG, Gossau (CH)
Origin of Timber, Certification |  Alpine wood with „Swiss Wood“ label of origin
Traceability of Timber |  Yes (Schillinger Holz SA)

Regional Wood Energy Efficiency

Site Plan Site Plan Cross Section, Isometric Drawings Cross Section, Isometric Drawings